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Complexion Skin Care Liposome Plus

Complexion Skin Care Liposome Plus Stress Skin Solutions Whitening and Depigmentation 美白祛斑
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Reduces and lightens the pigmentation caused by UV and PIH.
All skin types, suitable for post-whitening treatment, not recommended for pregnant women.

  • The liposomal tranexamic acid increases the penetration and prevents PIH effectively.
  • Tyrosinase inhibitor, blocks the formation of melanin caused by UV rays, reduces melasma due to hormone problem to achieve even and luminous skin tone.
  • Ideal for post whitening treatment to prevent the PIH .
  • Vitamin B3 added to enhance the effects of whitening and the repairing of skin barrier, reduce TEWL,improve skin comfort and redness prevention.

Complexion Skin Care Liposome Plus
  • 微脂囊剂型的传明酸能增加精华素的渗透吸收,有效预防色素沈淀。
  • 酪胺酸酶抑制剂,能阻断紫外线造成的黑色素,减少荷尔蒙造成的肝斑,使肤色均匀明亮。
  • 适合美白修复後使用,预防色素沈淀。
  • 添加维他命B3,能提升美白效果丶修复肌肤屏障丶减少皮肤水分散失,改善使用此精华素时的舒适度并预防皮肤泛红。
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