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Dermaviduals Story

Dermatological skin care products able to be adapted to the individuals skin.

The physical structures of DERMAVIDUALS are dominated by Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), Liposomes and Nanoparticles . Due to their unique composition and physical structure DERMAVIDUALS are very effective in prevention of skin problems, especially sensitive skin , dry skin , acne ,pigmentation ,neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Therefore DERMAVIDUALS are recommended by dermatologists.
Every skin is different. Conventional cosmetics products and dermatology can definitely not meet individuals needs as it is impossible to supply a specific product for every type of skin, for every skin problem and its prevention. Hence it is necessary to offer a reasonably sized products program and allow individual adaptations. This is the basic idea of the DERMAVIDUALS .

Active agents in a modular system
DERMAVIDUALS is the appropriate skin care program for normal, sensitive and specially for the problem skin which frequently is susceptible to barrier and cornification disorders. Dermviduals offer a variety of active agents in combination with several base creams. The different products are very well adjusted and can be combined to provide an individual skin care program.

Dermaviduals natural and skin related products are:

Free of emulsifiers - emulsifiers may lead to barrier disorders.
Free of mineral oils and silicones - non physiological, covering oils affect the natural regeneration of skin.
Free of preservative - preservatives are the no.2 of sensitizing substances.
Free of perfumes - perfumes are the no.1 of sensitizing substances.

Dermaviduals - the physiological skin care

Nature as a paradigm

The number of people suffering from problem skin is on the increase.
They require profound dermatology - oriented advice and particularly a skin care system that can be adapted to their individuals skin condition.

The brand name dermaviduals stands for preparations that not only support the prevention of problem skin but also provide care for the already developed problem skin and essentially improve its condition. The preparations are excellent for the care of normal and young skin too. Dermaviduals products are formulated especially to preserve the natural skin barrier and thus prevent a premature skin aging process.

by KOKO Kosmetik GmbH & Co.KG

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